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At Thiaan, we are your trusted partners in navigating the intricate landscape of immigration services in Canada. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we specialize in providing personalized and comprehensive immigration solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our mission is to simplify the immigration process and make the dream of living and working in Canada a reality for individuals and families worldwide. We are committed to delivering transparent, ethical, and client-focused services that exceed expectations, ensuring your journey to Canada is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Express Entry

Study Permits

Work Permits

Permanent Residency

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Study Permit

Assisting students in obtaining study permits, enabling them to pursue education in esteemed Canadian institutions.

Express Entry

Helping skilled professionals and workers from around the globe to gain entry into Canada through the Express Entry system.

Permanent Residency

Supporting individuals in securing permanent residency status, paving the way for a long-term future in Canada.

Work Permit

Facilitating the application process for work permits, allowing individuals to contribute their skills to the Canadian workforce.


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